How does VCI work and what is it?


VCI is an abbreviation of volatile corrosion inhibitors, which could be loosely translated as inhibitors that evaporate from the medium and form a bond with metal surfaces such as steel, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin, copper, etc. At the same time, they create a kind of barrier and thus push out and replace water molecules from the surface of objects or substances.  

As a result, one important component is absent in order for oxidation or corrosion to occur. Air, water and iron molecules are needed for this. And since we create a barrier with inhibitors, we will prevent the degradation of iron-containing materials. 

Our equipment is exposed to corrosion every single day. This is due to our atmosphere and its aggressive effect on iron, which is otherwise called atmospheric corrosion of iron or electrochemical corrosion. This happens when the relative humidity rises above the critical value of 60-80%. Our VCI carrier has a long-term effect and the components used to create a comprehensive system for the rescue and protection of electronic and metal equipment. A special chip acts as a carrier and the said inhibitors evaporate from it.

This protects important components and connections in your device. It is a safe and environmentally friendly solution that leaves no trace on the environment ✌🏻

Protect your devices, save money and at the same time reduce the environmental burden caused by improper handling of electronics ♻️