I drowned the phone!


There is no one in this world (but yes, that's right, and I don't lie to myself) who wouldn't encounter a situation where his beloved phone wouldn't fall where he didn't (of course we mean water). 

Do you remember the times when you managed to spend an hour in the toilet solving crossword puzzles or reading "interesting" articles in magazines? Well, as you and I know, it's over, as we are currently accompanied by faithful smartphones and tablets through our private moments. That is, until the moment when we decide to step back into real life and suddenly a disaster - our faithful friend is in a toilet mission, underwater, we are panicked and stressed, our whole life suddenly goes before our eyes.

However, something similar can also happen at the bath, where you can also shorten your personal moments with singing arias to your mobile phone or tablet. We know how. First "Majla hí, majla hó" and a moment "***** !!!". 

How about a fish with friends? After all, what can happen to a bunch of guys whose wife goes fishing, with smartphones in their pockets and two crates of beer in their suitcases, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️ And I would almost forget about our beloved children, who can spin it with glasses of water! Yes, our darlings 😌 And of course other options, such as morning coffee, which sometimes also likes to taste our phone. And not just him. Feel free to make a fancy for smartwatches, smart bracelets, or a USB flash drive (btw, my mom once managed to drown the TV remote control. In the toilet. Do you understand? TV remote control in the toilet. TV remote control ➡️ toilet 🤦🏻‍♂️ Now you've really seen everything, you're welcome!).

But what to do in such a case? What if you drown your phone or electronics and by a complete coincidence of unfortunate accidents caused by unfortunate circumstances or your ignorance, you do not have our easy smart rescue package + SRAW at hand, which can not only save your device but also offer protection, thanks to protective technology together with the use of natural substances (bentonite) and protective technology with the use of VCI inhibitors, which bind to the metal surfaces of devices and expel H2O molecules (for poets and not chemists - water molecules) from metal surfaces and thus prevent oxidative (corrosive) currents and start the process of degrading your device (thanks to which, by the way, is it the only one of its kind?😞(but seriously, if you don't have it, you can get it right here 👉🏻 https://www.plus-sraw.com/p/zachranny-balicek2/ ).

The most important thing to do after drowning such a device is to turn off the device as soon as possible and, if possible, remove the battery, SIM and memory cards. Subsequently, it is necessary to wipe the device with water in all its available places and insert it into (moment of tension) our rescue package 🥳However, if at that moment you are just waiting for him until he arrives, you can also improvise (use, for example, rice, or tear into small pieces of toilet paper, which you throw in a container, then put in it and a few hours you will pray that these the wisdom of our old ones have really worked 🙏🏻). If rice or toilet paper happens to happen, the phone should work. However, I cannot guarantee that there is no oxidation inside your device on small connections that will eventually disable your phone. If you prefer to be 100% sure that your beloved partner will survive the accident, you should take it to an authorized service centre after removing it from the container or a pile of rice, where they will be disassembled into small parts and cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning (which is more and more expensive, as our rescue package).

Take a look at the chart we've honestly prepared for you. According to the android portal, drowning is the second most common reason for losing your phone, right after a fall and a subsequent break.

Finally, according to inews.co.uk statistics, around 100,000 smartphones are drowned every day! This damage is calculated in the tens to hundreds of trillions of USD per year !!! 😱😱😱