Floods - can they be prevented?


Slovakia, as well as other countries in the world, are affected by smaller and larger floods every year, which will cause millions of damages. The cause is long-term heavy rain, melting snow or ice, obstacles in watercourses such as the accumulation of wood or ice floes. Floods called flash floods also occur as a result of sudden and intense rains, the range of which exceeds 100 millimetres per 1 square meter.

Floods can do a lot of damage. Especially those who work all their lives to make their home a place not only for them but also for future generations of the family can pay the most for such disasters. So let's look at some of the floods that have hit our country, but also others.


In June of this year, torrential floods hit eastern Slovakia. In Pichne and Zubné, as a result of the tidal wave, roads, bridges, fences and the courtyards of family houses were damaged, and in many places, firefighters had to draw water.


In the village of Závadka nad Hronom in the district of Brezno, there was an extraordinary situation and the 3rd degree of flood activity. In several places, land shifted to the houses, so firefighters considered evacuating people.


Heavy torrential rains hit the High Tatras two years ago. In the district of Poprad, they declared an emergency situation, firefighters evacuated people from homes, cottages and a hotel in Stará Lesná, and streams overflowed. The water damaged several bridges and hiking trails.


Sudden floods caused by heavy rains have killed at least 172 people across Yemen in the past month, damaging UNESCO World Heritage sites and sites.


A strong storm flooded the streets of the Croatian capital Zagreb two weeks ago, with masses of water causing a complete traffic collapse in the city centre.


The floods in and around the Sicilian city of Palermo, which caused heavy rains, claimed at least two lives and more than 300 rescue interventions.

Due to climate change, floods are an increasing danger to people and their property. They often come hot, unexpectedly, so it is extremely difficult (even impossible) to prepare for them in advance. However, there are certain flood protection systems that can be installed so that the damage to such stormwater on the property is as small as possible. And what does it look like? Thus 👇🏻

We do not claim that this solution has no effect, but as you can see in the pictures, it is technically quite difficult to implement (and will not be very financially friendly). Moreover, even from an aesthetic point of view, such as "dams" are not very ... well, it's not nice 🤷🏻‍♂️

The main vision of our company is to come up with an innovative solution that will help people around the world save and protect the most valuable thing they have - their property and home. We will create innovative flood protection systems that will not be an application, financially or aesthetically demanding and will serve people around the world. That is why we are grateful that you support us and show us that what we do makes sense.