Smart clothes and accessories.


People have always been fascinated by technological advances and conveniences that can combine with fashion and create an effective and efficient combination of style and modern technology. In today's age of technological progress, we are witnessing ever newer pieces that combine fashion and technology.

As one example, we could use the already very widespread smart watch, which is also created by giants such as Apple or Samsung. Lesser-known pieces are, for example, smart jackets. A great example of such a jacket is a high-end jacket from the company ministry of supply, which is called a mercury jacket and also a mercury vest.

This jacket uses artificial intelligence to determine the optimal warming of your body. It is also controlled by an application or voice. Then they are e.g. vue smart glasses that are inconspicuous at first glance, but can play music, receive calls, monitor your health or the super "find my glasses" feature. Then there are vests, vests or T-shirts that monitor your vital signs such as heart rate, breathing, sleep or calorie burn analysis.

The Ministry of supply also has an intelligent t-shirt in its portfolio, which is not a classic "smart", but is flexible, resistant to sweat and stains and does not shrink. Sensor socks, for example, accurately measure the number of steps, as they are directly on the feet and are highly accurate. Different pieces of clothing gradually establish it in our wardrobe and create a great combination that can communicate over the Internet or track GPS position. It has already saved many people and will save their lives, as many of them communicate and send data about the wearer's vital signs.

Many people today condemn modern technology, but it's mostly just because they don't understand it well. If we teach people to understand technology, more resources will be concentrated in the smart-casual industry, and our smart fashion will become better, better, and our lives easier and safer.