Will rice save a drowned phone or not?


"Old mother recipes and instructions" - this is how we call old tips and tricks of all kinds. We know them from the stories of our grandparents, they form our culture. One such "guaranteed" trick is that rice will help heat the electronics. So how is it? Does it really work that way? In this blog, we will provide a clear answer to this question once and for all.

Most of the time we guard our electronics like an eye in our head, as it is not cheap salvation. However, a microsecond of inattention or simply an unfortunate accident is enough, and our money ends up somewhere in a toilet, pool, sea or beer. Most people still resort to the good old-fashioned approach to rice. Simply bury the cell phone in rice, which should suck water out of the phone.

How did this whole idea come about? We must look for the answer to this question in the tropics. There, rice has been used there for decades as preventive protection of film technology from tropical moisture. But does rice also help drowned electronics? Our clear answer is no.

This statement is related not only to our own research, the results of which we will publish shortly but also to research that has been carried out in the past and confirms our view.

In 2007, less than a month after the iPhone was first launched, a Jorsuss started a conversation on an Internet forum called, "My iPhone ended up in the water." His brand new phone fell into the sink with water. To save him, put him in a bag of rice and the result? None. Rice didn't help ☠️

7 years later, in 2014, the Gazelle portal decided to put an end to these doubts about the absorption of moisture by rice. He carried out a "semi-formal" test and found that of the seven ingredients tested, which are commonly found in every household, raw rice absorbed the least moisture. Interestingly, in the penultimate place was a litter for cats 🤦🏻‍♂️ (we could not believe it either).

In the same year, TekDry, a company specializing in repairing mobile equipment damaged by moisture, decided to professionally verify the rice trick. The result was clear: "Under experimental conditions, only a little more water evaporated from a mobile phone embedded in rice than from a phone that was not immersed in rice."

So what is best to do with a drowned phone or other electronics? Our advice is clear - use our products 🙆🏻‍♂️ Of course, you can also go directly to the service, but keep in mind that your wallet will get really busy 💶 With us you have quick and permanent protection of your precious devices for only a few € ✌🏻